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Pontoon Boat Rental Rates:

Weekdays (Mon.-Thurs.)      $90 per hour

Weekends (Fri. - Sun.)         $110 per hour

Full-Day Rental (7+ hours)    $600/$750 

You get to drive!

Captained Pontoon Boat Rates:

Weekdays (Mon.-Thurs.)      $130 per hour

Weekends (Fri. - Sun.)         $150 per hour

We drive for you!

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Fishing Boat Rental Rates:

Hourly Rate Weekdays (Mon.-Thurs.)      $60 per hour

Hourly Rate  Weekends (Fri. - Sun.)         $75 per hour

4 Hour Rate Weekdays (Mon.-Thurs.)      $200

4 Hour Rate Weekends (Fri. - Sun.)          $250

Full-Day Weekdays (Mon.-Thurs.)            $400

Full-Day Weekends (Fri. - Sun.)                $500

Pontoon Boat

For all rentals, there is a two-hour minimum. Prices do not include taxes, processing, or gratuity.  Price does include fuel and instruction. 

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  • Gas and basic operational instruction are included in the price. Gratuity is not included.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your reservation so our team can go over all paperwork and train you on how to operate the boat safely. 

  • Our staff will instruct you on how to operate our boats and about the lake - however you are fully responsible for the boat and all persons on the boat during your rental. Please make sure you are familiar with the WI BOATING LAWS & RESPONSIBILITIES before heading out on the water. For further education please take the Wisconsin Boat Rental course 


    • If you are born BEFORE 1/1/89 you do not need any boater safety certificate. We offer basic instruction but again please refer to the forementioned resources.

    • If you are born after 1/1/1989 and are over 25 you can rent the boat, but you need a boater's certificate to drive the boat (you will be required to show proof). To obtain a license, here is a link to the Wisconsin Boat Rental course

  • Dogs are allowed but there is an additional $30 cleaning and maintenance fee (you are still liable for any damage).We recommend bringing a doggie life jacket for your furry friend!

  • We do not allow towables, or for our boats to go through the Tenney Locks.

  • Food & Beverage

    • You are welcome to bring food an non-alcoholic beverages on your excursion. Please be mindful of food and drink that stain or are a challenge to clean as you are liable for damage and excessive cleaning.​

    • Food and Beverage is offered by Edgewater for Captained Pontoon Boats. 

  • ALCOHOL POLICY                                                                      

    • Alcohol is ONLY allowed on Captained Pontoon Boat Rentals. ​
    • All other rentals have a strict NO ALCOHOL policy. ​This means that no alcohol is to be on the boat at any time and the driver of the boat agrees not to drink or be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance at any point of the rental period. If you would like a reservation in May or September that is not available on the booking site please email us at  Special pricing may be required for rentals outside of our normal reservation windows.

  • We will charge a $200 security deposit before you go out.


We understand that life has a way of changing, both for you and for us. Because of this, Brittingham Boats reserves the right to cancel reservations due to inclement weather, equipment concerns, or any other unforeseen issue. In this situation, Brittingham Boats will provide the option to re-book your reservation at no cost to you –or– we will provide a 100% refund. 

Should you need to cancel your reservation or change the date of your adventure, here is our policy on customer refunds and re-booking:

  • More than 1 week from rental re-book at no cost -OR- receive a 100% refund.

  • One week 48 hours to booking re-book at no cost -OR- receive a 80% refund.

  • Less than 48 hours no refunds and a $50 rebooking fee.  More than two weeks before the reservation date: Re-book at no cost –OR–receive a 100% refund 

ZERO TOLLARANCE POLICY. Madison Boats has zero tolerance for disrespect, aggression, sexual harassment or general rude behavior. Our staff work hard to provide you with the highest quality of service. Any violations will result in immediate termination of your rental with no refund or ability to rebook in the future. 

Rentals in May and September. If you are looking to book a boat in the spring or fall outside of our regular hours feel free to email to see if there might be availability. Rentals outside of regular hours will be charged weekend rates and automatically have a 25% gratuity added to their rental. 




Madison Boats offers pontoon boat rentals at Marshall Boats and the Edgewater. All of our Harris pontoon boats are at the most three years old and we pride ourselves on having high quality boats. We have two different size boats: our 22' pontoon boats are perfect for smaller groups up to 8 people. Our 24' pontoon boats can hold up to 12 people. Our Captained Pontoons are always the 24' Harris. 


Madison Boats offers 2022 Bass Tracker Classic XL at Brittingham Boats and Marshall Boats . These are the perfect fishing machines, equip with fish finder, live well, trolling motor and rod storage. The boats are easy to operate and well equipped so both beginners and pros will enjoy a day on the water. for beginners and well designed for pro's.

Max capacity is 3 people or 550 lbs. 

Gas and operational instruction is included. 

Gratuity is not included. 

If born before 1/1/1989 no boater certificate is required. If you were born after, you muyst be 18 with a boater's certificate to drive the boat. To obtain a license, here is a link to the Wisconsin Boat Rental course

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Fishing Boats
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