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We have two small watercraft marinas. Our downtown location, Brittingham Boats, offers on-shore racks to store canoes, kayaks and SUP's. Wingra Boats offers on-water pier storage of canoes, kayaks, SUPs, rowboats and small sailboats. 
It is our goal to make boat ownership enjoyable and to make getting out on the water easy. We hope you will consider us for your boats' summer home. 

Wingra _dock.jpg

Wingra Marina

Store your boat on peaceful Lake Wingra! That way, all you have to do is bring your paddle and life jacket, and you're good to go!

Our friendly staff will even help you once you're here!

Depending on weather, the marina opens at the beginning of May through the third weekend of September. 


​2024 Wingra Prices:

Kayak:                                                   $175

Canoe, Tandem or Fishing Kayak    $275

Paddle Board Onshore:                     $140 

Out of water sailboat/rowboat        $450

In-water Sailboat or row boat

                        (Beam 6' or less)        $400

Rowing Shell                                      $450


Brittingham Marina

Store your boat year-round, just steps from the water at Brittingham Boats!

Our friendly staff will even help you get your boat to the water! 

Brittingham racks are outside with easy access to the water and to the parking lot for easy access when you want to go explore other lakes or rivers. 

​2024 Brittingham Prices:

Canoe, Kayaks Main 6 Spots        $180

Canoe, Kayaks Top 2 Spots           $140

SUP                                                   $140

Spaces are rented annually starting May 1st.

Winter Storage opens Aug. 15

Winter Storage

Reduce the hassle, and leave space in the garage for your car by letting us store your boat for the winter. If you store your boat at Wingra or Brittingham, we will transport it, store it, and bring it back to its summer home in the spring. 

All canoes, kayaks, and SUPs are stored indoors (heated), rowboats and small sailboats are stored indoors (unheated) sailboats and larger boats are stored outdoors, covered.   

​Winter Storage Prices:

Canoe- $150.00

Single Kayak -  $125

Tandem/Fishing Kayak - $135

Stand Up Paddle Board -  $90

Small Sailboat or Rowboat w/ Trailer - $300

Small Sailboat or Rowboat without Trailer- $250

Rowing Shell -  $150

​If the location/boat type is full please put your name on the wait list. We often are able to make adjustments as we install the piers in the spring, and people will occasionally change their plans. We will reach out to you if there are any openings. 

Register for 2024 Marina WAIT LIST

Important things to know: 

  • Please DO NOT PUT YOUR BOAT ON THE DOCK/RACKS without the assistance of our staff.

  • If this is your first year (or want a refresher) we are happy to give some tips on easiest way to get your boat in and our of the slip/rack. 

  • Please lock up your boat. A 6-8' bike cable works well. We require combo locks (keys go in the water). 

  • You are welcome to take your boat off site (we love to know so we are not worried), and you are welcome to let others use your boat. We assume if the person knows your combo, they have your permission. 

  • We are happy to help you getting your boat to the water when we are not assisting rental customers. 

  • You are welcome to use your boat outside our business hours (one of the main benefits). FYI park hours are 4 am to 10 pm.

  • You are welcome to modify your spot to protect/fit your boat (pool noodles/towels etc). If the spot needs physical alteration (too wide/too narrow,) please let one of our team members know AND send us an email so management can follow up. 

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