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Madison Boats is focused on connecting people to each other and the lake. We have found that providing a safe way for people to continue to get out and share time with their friends and family is more important than ever.  

We want to do more - we want to partner with YOU to support our community!

When you book your boat, you will have the opportunity to join us in donating to an incredible organization in the area. It is our hope that, collectively, we will be able to financially support those in need. Below is information on some of our partners and direct links to donate. Thank you!



Boat House Members, because you are unable to donate when checking out for your free boat, please follow the instructions below:

Steps to Donate:
1. Click here to donate 
2. Choose the organization you would like to donate to.
3. Select a date on the calendar (any date will do)
4. Select the time slot "anytime"
5. Click the small button that says duration.
6. Follow the steps to select an amount to donate, put your personal information in and pay by credit card. 

Bayview logo.gif

Bayview Community Center

Bayview Foundation is a non-profit affordable housing development and community center located less than a mile from the shores of Monona Bay and Brittingham Boats. Bayview's mission is to support its culturally diverse, low-income residents realize their aspirations by providing affordable housing, fostering cultural pride, and building community through the arts, education, and recreation. 

Bayview and Brittingham Boats are long-term partners and each year approximately 45 Bayview youth access and enjoy water recreation activities at Brittingham Boats. Your donation will go toward Bayview's COVID-19 relief efforts, assisting Bayview families who need help paying bills and rent, accessing fresh produce and culturally-specific groceries and securing basic household supplies.

Madison West High Area Collaborative.PNG

Madison West High Area Collaborative

The Madison West High Area Collaborative has been recently formed as a way to serve the collective needs in the West High Attendance area (14 schools in total). Their goal is to support the food needs of our students and families affected by Covid-19 as well as to secure donations to meet these families' financial needs such as homelessness and eviction prevention, funding to keep phone and internet services, and household/personal hygiene supplies. 

MOM Logo.jpg

Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM)

MOM's Housing Stability program offers eviction prevention and housing stabilization funds, as well as an opportunity to connect with a case manager who can connect families with all of their services.  When COVID-19 hit, MOM knew that the people they serve - some of our communities' most vulnerable - would have additional needs.  They also knew that we would have people looking for assistance who had never reached out before.


Clean Lakes Alliance

Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) works to put our lakes at the center of our community. Their efforts to improve water quality has brought attention and action to improve our area's greatest natural assets - our Lakes.  Please support their efforts by giving today. 


Friends of Lake Wingra

Friends of Lake Wingra work to protect and restore the aquatic wetland, savanna, and woodland communities of Lake Wingra. They also effectively manage the storm water runoff and its associated pollutants. Friends of Lake Wingra strive to make Lake Wingra habitable for our native wildlife, and safe for fishing, swimming, and other recreation. 

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